Friday, July 18, 2008

To the Mortuary

This might seem non sequitur but I assure you that this was actually inspired from real life. I think that the whole one or two readers that I might have know that I am in the military and I am currently deployed for OIF. Well, being deployed, we often receive care packages; boxes that contain toiletries, snacks, coffee and other small items that provide serendipity. Some times kids send us things like cards or pictures that were made presumably in school, all being very touching. Well, ocassionally, there seems to be a lack of oversight as to what these children write in or do with these things. This image is based off of just one of those items. This one happens to be a roughly-cut, hexagonal shaped card. On it is pasted an orange foam lobster and written,

"To The miutaery," on the outside and on the inside, "Thack you for prteing the. U.S.A."

It is below me to even comment of the state of the American school system... Regardless, the way that "miutaery" is written, it looks more like it says "mortuary" than "military". I was so damn offended that all I could do is laugh and redo the little tike's work. I appreciate that people support us while we do what it is we do. One thing I ask though, is don't have idiot children send us crap when they don't have the capacity to give a rat's ass what they send.

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Anonymous said...

Wow. Gotta love a hostile man in uniform. Very 1920's Art Deco fab. My Monster says it's funny because the shrimps have hats. Direct quote, yo.

Remember I love you, even if you have a hottie wife. :P